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Offering a Range of Garbage Can and Pressure Cleaning Solutions

Our goal here at Germzie is to offer you the service you never realized you needed: Garbage Can Cleaning. Cleaning your bin is something you always said you needed to do, but it tends to get pushed down your list. At Germzie, we put it front and center, making it our top priority.


We take your garbage and recycling bins and give them a truly deep clean. Using our state-of-the-art cleaning truck, your bins get processed in four easy steps

Exterior Cleaning

First, we pressure wash the exterior of your garbage bin to get rid of any baked-on dirt, muck or grime. Then its time for the truck.

Steam Cleaning

Our truck takes your bins and cleans them at 3,800 PSI and 200° F to kill unwanted bacteria, germs and other microbes


Our crew will then wash down your garbage bins with environmentally friendly sanitizer for extra protection.

Hand Detailing

The final touches are then applied where we add a lovely fresh fragrance just to leave your bins smelling extra nice and clean.

Chemical Free Pressure Washing

Let Germzie take care of all your pressure washing requirements. We clean sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, patios, parking lots, tennis courts and much more!

We Care About The Environment

Germzie uses a brand new, state of the art technology that cleans with up to 212° F of hot pressurized steam. This delivers maximum cleaning effectiveness as well as being eco-friendly and kind to the environment. Many pressure washing companies use chlorine, bleach or other harsh chemicals. This can destroy plants and the network of life they depend on. These chemicals can be dangerous for pets, harm our wildlife and are ultimately bad for the environment.

Germzie Pressure Cleaning in Action

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