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Why Clean Your Garbage Cans?

Healthier Families, Healthier Communities

If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that the importance of health and hygiene cannot be overstated. When garbage bins are left uncleaned, they become hotbeds of bacterial activity- and not the good kind. Not only that, but they can become feeding grounds for rodents and other vermin and provide the perfect place for maggot populations to grow. In short, nobody benefits from an unclean garbage bin- at least, not us humans! With our bin cleaning service, however, all those unwanted germs and nasties will be killed instantly.
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A Clean Community is a Happy Community

It goes without saying that the cleaner your community, the happier the population it houses. We all have our duties to our neigbors and our wider community, and one of those should be to provide a clean, safe, and well-looked after environment so that when our kids are running around the streets and young families are going out for a walk with their stroller, they are not met with the stench of a dirty bin in the humid heat.

Why Use Germzie?

We clean our bathrooms, kitchens, clothes and even our cars on a regular basis. Your trash and recycling bins should be treated the same.

Here are some big reasons why!

A dirty trash bin is 1000 times more contaminated with bacteria than your toilet!

Studies have found that on average there are over 411 million bacteria per square inch in an average trash bin. Trash bins are one of the biggest breeding grounds for a whole host of harmful germs and bacteria such as Salmonella, E Coli and Listeria that could make you and your family sick.

It’s now more important than ever with the spread of COVID 19 and other harmful bacteria to keep your bins clean and sanitized with our professional bin cleaning service.

Several different insects and animal species can cause damage around your bins and even put your family at risk!

Common pests attracted to bins can be ants, flies, wasps, cockroaches, rats, raccoons, mice and opossums. Animals like rabid raccoons can be dangerous to humans and household pets along with other insects and vermin that can spread germs and disease.

Keeping your bins clean is absolutely crucial in the battle to deter and keep pests away, especially if you store your bins outdoors. Having your bins professionally cleaned, sanitized and deodorized regularly by Germzie can really help deter pests by removing traces of leftover food and drink and keeping smells down. This will make your bins far less appealing and appetizing to these critters!

Trash bins emit foul odors as bacteria forms and grows!

When food begins to decompose, microbes start to multiply and feed on that decomposition. These microorganisms consume your trash to get nutrients while also releasing chemicals. This process can add substantially to your bin’s foul odor. Some of those chemicals include phosphorus, nitrogen, and carbon. Our noses are particularly sensitive to odors like sulfur and can detect it even at low levels. This means even a little bit in our trash seem like a big stink.

So why does your trash bin smell so bad? In short, it’s the decomposition process and all the bacteria that feed on rotting matter. Having your bins cleaned, sanitized and deodorized with Germzie reduces the number of bacteria on the surfaces of your bins and helps keep the smells at bay!

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